Sandra Wells

Hudson Valley, New York

  • (914) 213-4447

I am a large space. Large enough for your feelings to flourish and your beliefs to be challenged. I am an illuminating revealer. Helping you to see and know your own strengths. I am a playful collaborator. Holding your history gently while you create a compelling future. My strengths are expressed as laser awareness, open-hearted acceptance, compassion, and practiced integration of body, mind, spirit.

I began my work with Gay and Katie in 1989 with a life-changing personal intensive. I trained with them until 1997, serving as their east coast training coordinator and as a training facilitator. I continue to draw upon the extraordinary value of everything that I learned during that time.

I offer coaching services to individuals, couples, families and organizations. My passion is to elicit the vibrance and creativity that we all possess so that we can leave a legacy of sustainability for our children and grandchildren.