Jim McCaw

Vancouver, B.C.

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  • Quantum coaching through Skype @ mccaws

BodyMind Vibrancy Coach and Facilitator

Intimate relationships often bring change and transformation. I coach couples and individuals while they transition through some of the growing-pains of change. My own journey of transformation from early childhood trauma, through large bouts of unconscious behaviour, to consciousness – with ongoing re-commitments to integrity, has opened newfound love and joy and in my life.

Learning how to be fully present – in integrity, requires expression of current emotions, and current truths. Sometimes those currents feel a little stormy, but breaking through to full open transparency is truly the most liberating experience in any relationship. My coaching will navigate you in safe and friendly ways how to move more consciously through the conflicts you may be having in your life.

My marriage has been a journey of love and self-awareness across 23 years, and I’m thrilled to co-coach with my ally, Elaine.

I offer coaching with couples and individuals
I offer co-coaching (with Elaine) with couples

Co-coaching couples is a highly effective method (available on a limited basis)

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