Kerry Gaudry

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

  • Instagram: Kerry Gaudry

Presence based transformational coach

I delight in presence-based relating and coaching.  The space between revealing the unknown.  Life itself facilitating and urging us forward to fulfill our true potentials.

I love to experience clients unwinding challenging patterns and expanding into their most joyful life.

The most common thing I hear from people is that they feel better after being with me.   My sense is that this is because of my ability to listen empathically and with sensitive awareness.    I have an insatiable curiosity about how life seems to bring us the experiences we need to facilitate growth and transformation.

I follow whatever is emerging in the moment and use which ever facilitation processes seem most aligned and inviting for clients – often body based, intuitive and sometimes even fun.

Studying with Katie and Gay transformed my life – re-awakening my love of play and movement, and igniting my creative expression.   I love expressive arts, nature, writing and spending time with friends.  I have a background in paediatric medicine and visual art.

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Jennifer Werbeloff

South Melbourne, Victoria 3122

  • 613 9699 1673

Sourcing from Within™

Jenny Werbeloff is inspirational, dynamic and vibrant; a natural teacher and educator, mentor and counsellor. Jenny does not seek to tell you ‘how’ but rather creates a rich learning environment for each to discover ‘what else is possible’. Her expertise is in drawing on the resources of each person so that they are their primary instrument of positive change. Her role is to be a catalyst for transformation and to facilitate the process of discovering what your contributions can be. For change to happen, “… there is no need to change external circumstances. Changing me, changes the whole”.

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