Bob Beaudry

Kihei, HI 96753

  • (808) 283-7396
  • (808) 879-0657

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Shems Heartwell

Life & Relationship Guide


I guide people into a life of greater Awareness, Vitality and Fulfillment. My clients learn the essential skills that sustain high levels of Energy and Thriving Relationships while unwinding the patterns and conditioning that interrupts the blossoming of your full potential.

For many years I have been learning from highly developed beings across the globe; from mind-body doctors, somatic therapists, spiritual teachers, qi gong masters, shamans, and successful coaches. I have found what works in my life and with the countless clients I serve, combining the best of what I know to offer you a very unique and highly effective coaching experience.

Whether your want to reach your highest goals or create more harmony in your relationship, I can support you in profound ways. Go to my webpage to set up a free initial session or learn about upcoming workshops and private retreats.

I am also a Licensed Acupuncturist and author of the book EMPOWERED LOVING.

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Miriam Meima

South Maui, Hawaii

  • (303) 859-5628

Blending life coaching and business coaching Miriam offers comprehensive support for creating your ideal life. Drawing from her education, experience, and intuition Miriam will guide you through identifying what stands between you and your dreams. Uncovering limiting beliefs, recognizing your unique brilliance, and learning new tools may be part of your process in unlocking your potential.
Are you ready to re-invent your career in alignment with your passions? Are you ready to experience an unimaginable, positive shift in your life?

Miriam has extensive experience working with a number of demographics including: entrepreneurs, executives, professionals in addiction recovery, and women in business. Miriam offers coaching services, genius discovery sessions, and business intensives.

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Marc Takaha

Maui, Hawai’i

  • (808) 874-1049

I love being of service to others, and consider it a privilege when someone requests support.
For the past 22 years I’ve had this honor with hundreds of clients who bravely moved beyond the gravitational pull of their outmoded habits and self-limiting beliefs to begin soaring towards fulfilling their deepest hopes and dreams. I facilitate by example through compassionately reflecting the truth, feeling my feelings, and honoring my own commitment to abide in Essence as I stand with my clients in their Quest.

The foundation of my approach are The Conscious Loving Relationship principles, augmented by the Diamond Logos work of Essential Development of Faisal Muqqadam.

I have a broad base of experience working with individuals, couples, groups, and workshops that I’ve self-produced or have served as a consultant for in-house organizational trainings.

I am also available for either phone or Skype sessions. Please call or email me to answer questions or to set-up appointments.

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Bob Valenta

Kealakekua, HI 96750

  • (303) 669-0900 cell
  • (808) 329-8361

I am here to support you in manifesting the life and relationships that you desire at home, work & play! Through your commitment and my personalized style of body-centered coaching, we will collaborate on bringing your dreams to fruition. Through the last six years, I have attended numerous trainings and seminars with Kathyln & Gay Hendricks, sponsoring their Boulder & Hawaii Trainings and completing their two year apprenticeship program in October 2003, earning their certification, as a Conscious Relationship Coach & Consultant. Please call me today if this is something that interests you! Be Happy, Play & Prosper!

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